Terms & conditions
User Terms
1. Do Not Force Any One To Click Your Ads.
2. If Any User Remove Our Ads From There Sites Then He Will Not Get Payment From Us So Please Do Not Remove Our Ads.
3. If You Promote Ads In Blank Page Then You Must Add Supercounters In Your Site.
4. You Will Not Click Ads Yourself.
5. Modifying The Adcode & Caching/Modifying The Ads Would Not Be Done.
6. Put Our Adcode At Top of All Other Company Adcode Which Have Android Popup In Thier Adcodes.
7. If You Are Using Android Popup In Your Site Then You Must Add Our Adcode At Top Of Your Android Popup.
8. One Fake Click Leads Your Account Blocking.
9. You Will Not Use Illegal Ways To Generate Impressions/Clicks.
10. This Site Is Free For Users So We Can Delete Any Site If We Think The Site Is Unfit For Our AdNetwork.
11. We Reserve Full Rights To Change, Delete Or Add Any Thing Including User Accounts.
By Using Any Of The Services Of ADZINCOME, You Agree To Abide By These Terms & Conditions.